I left Israel with a much deeper understanding of God’s great love because of Rob’s lessons. Rob retold familiar stories at the location they occurred, adding new insights by translating from the Hebrew and explaining the cultural practices. Taking this tour blessed my life, changing my viewpoint of a harsh and vengeful God to a God with overwhelming and unending love.

Carol Wilson
Carol & Randy Wilson, Austin, TX

Everything about the trip was organized and well run. The best part of the trip was Rob’s teachings. Rob has a gift for using the geography to bring the Bible alive. When I read the Bible now, I have a new understanding after seeing the places where the events occurred.

Randy Wilson
Amelia & Chris Martin, College Station, TX

Rob’s trip transformed our understanding of the Bible.  The only way to access the cultural and geographical insights is to be on the ground in the Holy Land with a true scholar like Rob.

Amelia & Chris Martin
Ryan Morrow, Leander, TX

A family member once said,
“Even if it means that you have to eat beans and rice for the rest of your life (due to the cost), you need to go to Israel.”
Even that doesn’t do it justice. Get there!
“My ears had heard of you; but now my eyes have seen you” (Job 42:5).

Ryan Morrow
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