Biblical Study Trips 2021

I am pleased to announce the schedule for my 2021 Biblical study tours. Interest in my 2020 Israel trip was incredible. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down international travel, forcing us to postpone travel. In light of the anticipated extra demand, I’ve added additional tours for 2021.

I am excited to be leading two trips to Israel and a trip to Turkey next Summer, where we will walk the land and study the Bible in its context. Prices for the first two 2021 trips are lower than 2020–something almost unheard of.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, or ever attended one of my Bible classes or speaking engagements, you know that I believe context is essential to studying and understanding the Bible.

The Bible is full of geographical, cultural, social, political, and historical context. On top of that, it was written in different literary styles and genres. Most of this is foreign to our “Western” view of the world. At a minimum, it can limit how we read and understand the Biblical story. At its worst, it can cause us to miss the intended message and application for our lives.

If you have never been to Israel or Turkey, it will forever change how you read and understand the Bible. Won’t you join me?

Registration for the Israel (May) and Turkey (June) trips are now open! Registration for the July Israel trip will open in September.

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  1. Hi, Rob,    I just looked at your Turkey trip itinerary.  It sounds like it will be wonderful.  We’ve been to the country several times, but last fall I think we mentioned we spent a month traveling around from Istanbul to Ankara, Hattusha, Konya, Gorema, and quite a few other towns.  It’s amazing to see the distances Paul traveled.  There is a lovely group of Christians in Antalya.  We went to their church a couple of times during the week we were there.      Have a blessed time!Anita 

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