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If you’ve been a reader of my blog, or ever attended one of my Bible classes or speaking engagements, you know that I believe context is essential to studying and understanding the Bible.

The Bible is full of geographical, cultural, social, political, and historical context. On top of that, it was written in different literary styles and genres. Most of this is foreign to our “Western” view of the world. At a minimum, it can limit how we read and understand the Biblical story. At its worst, it can cause us to miss the intended message and application for our lives.

The Hebrew language has a beautiful word: yada’ (יָדַע). In English, this gets translated as “to know.” As with most Hebrew words, its meaning is far richer than can be easily communicated with a single word in English. In Hebrew, yada’ means to have intimate familiarity with something–to know it at its deepest level, to understand its essence, its very being. So much so, that it’s not surprising that this same Hebrew word also means “to have sex.”

My goal in a study trip is to help us yada’ the Land of the Bible–to understand its essence with all of our senses, in its original context–so that we can better understand how God has revealed himself to us through His Word.

Library of Celsus, Ephesus

The itineraries in the links below may seem sparse. That is by design. Part of helping us yada’ the Land will be in how we engage with each site. If you know where we are going ahead of time, your mind already begins to prepare you via your own biases and preconceptions. My goal is to strip away as much of that as possible so that God’s Word speaks more powerfully into you as we bring the Land and the Text together. I’ve experienced the Land both knowing in advance and not knowing, and I can assure you it is far more meaningful when you don’t know what’s coming next. Will we visit the famous sites? Yes–and we will even visit a few less-traveled ones.

Sea of Galilee

I am pleased to partner with GTI Tours–a world-renowned expert in Biblical study tours. Their registration pages (links below) have additional information about the trips and registration.

If you have never been to Israel or Turkey, I can guarantee it will forever change how you read and understand the Bible. Won’t you join me?

Israel: June 6 – 17, 2022

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