Joseph the Just

Even though Joseph says nothing in the Gospels, his actions—even before the angel’s appearance in his dream—provide an important lesson about justice and righteousness.

Breaking Down Walls

The community of believers form a sacred and holy space. When we understand that the community of faith is a dwelling place for God’s spirit, our differences and disagreements should pale compared to the Eternal living among us.

The Deconstruction Zone

Intense biblical study creates tension. The Bible invites us to sit in that tension, to ask questions, and engage the text. But sometimes the tension becomes so great that it fractures the foundations of your faith. There’s a term for this. Deconstruction.

Does the Old Testament Matter?

While most Christians would probably affirm that the Old Testament is important, have we unconsciously “unhitched” ourselves from it? Historically, when the church has “unhitched” itself from the Old Testament, heresy, anti-Semitism, and un-Godly behavior soon follow.

In Vain

This past Sunday was Pentecost. A day when Christians should have been celebrating the gift of the Holy Spirit. Rather than celebrating the tongues of fire that descended upon the Apostles, we witnessed the flames of social injustice sweep through our cities.

The Blame Game

In the face of suffering, sickness, and death, it’s natural to look for a cause. Why is this happening to us? We want to figure out who or what is responsible so that we can understand how to make things right. We are not unique in this regard. Humans, from the dawn of their existence, have sought to make sense of the world and do whatever they could to control it. But is this how the world works?