2023 Israel Study Tour

I am pleased to announce that registration is now open for my 2023 Israel trip. The dates are July 2–14, 2023.

Once again, I am happy to partner with GTI Tours for this trip. GTI has facilitated more than 500 trips to Israel, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, and Egypt. Few tour organizations have their experience and dedication to customer service.

The 2023 trip will be slightly different from previous ones. The most significant difference is that the trip is a day longer. Rather than departing on a Monday, we will leave on a Sunday. This change gives us an extra day in Israel without the necessity of additional time off. I’ve also moved the date to early July to take advantage of the 4th of July holiday. Hopefully, that will result in people needing to take vacation days. The final change is that the trip will depart from DFW instead of Houston IAH. Since I am now living in Dallas, that just made more sense.

As I think we have all experienced, inflation has impacted the costs of everything. Unfortunately, travel costs to Israel have also increased. GTI and I have worked hard to minimize the cost increases while providing the same great experience. The all-inclusive, early-bird price is $4,990 per person based on double occupancy. On January 9, 2023, the price will increase to $5,090.

I have prepared a detailed information packet for the trip that describes my philosophy for the trip and the recommended preparations.

Below is a link to the trip registration page.

I hope you can join me next Summer!

Grace and Shalom,


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